Coffee Shop Discovery, Experience and Loyalty

We partnered with Barista Magazine to survey the specialty coffee community with the goal of learning how people discover new coffee shops, what leads to a positive experience when visiting a shop, and why customers turn into loyal fans.

Similar questions were asked to coffee shop customers and coffee shop owners/baristas so we can compare how perceptions differ between shops and customers.

The survey was 64 questions long and we received responses from 759 Customers and 392 coffee shop Owners/Baristas.

To see a visualization of the data checkout page 22 at this link: Barista E-Magazine April 2016

We couldn't fit everything into the article in the print magazine so we split the data up into the six articles below.
1. Surprise And Delight: 48 Simple Ideas To Create The Ultimate Coffee Shop Experience
2. How To Start A Coffee Shop: 6 Tips From 401 Coffee Shop Owners And Baristas
3. Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Actually Creating Loyalty?
4. 27 Tips For Coffee Roasters To Earn More Business From Coffee Shops
5. How Customers And Coffee Shops Define Quality Differently
6. 6 Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies That Cost Less Than $100 A Month