Meet Handground

A coffee grinder developed by thousands of coffee enthusiasts around the world

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The Precision Coffee Grinder

Every coffee bean has hundreds of flavors and aromatics locked inside. Our goal is to make it easy to achieve a consistent grind and release the full flavor potential in every cup you brew. 


We drew inspiration from the focus ring on a camera lens so selecting the right coarseness level is simple. Choose from 15 coarseness levels by twisting the numbered ring. Each step raises or lowers the conical ceramic burr mill by 165 microns. 


The diecast aluminum handle drives stainless steel gears and axles to transfer power directly from your arm to the ceramic burr mill. The body is made from BPA free plastics. 


We custom designed a 40mm conical burr mill to have the perfect balance of crushing power and speed. It is crafted from densely sintered alumina ceramic and held in place by a triple mounted axle to eliminate burr wobble and produce a consistent grind. 

Prototype Grinding Demo Video

This video shows one of the final Handground prototypes grinding on four different grind settings. 

Grind For Any Brew

Handground Brew Guide

*Free brew guide fridge magnet included with every grinder

We love experimenting with different brew methods but early in the morning our uncaffeinated brains disagree with calculating ratios to achieve the right TDS. We created the Handground brew guide to provide a quick reference of measurements for grind setting, coffee, and water for six popular brewing methods. 

The brew guide is printed on a fridge magnet and included with every grinder. 

How to Use


Twist the coarseness adjustment ring to choose a coarseness level that suits your brewing method. 


Turn the top cap a quarter turn right to release it and load the hopper with beans. Use the marks on the side of the hopper to measure up to 100g. 


Replace the top cap and twist left to lock. Grasp the wood knob and turn clockwise to grind.