Dallas Coffee Day gathers all the best coffee roasters in the Dallas Ft. Worth area under one roof to brew their coffee and share it with the community. Attendees received a Dallas Coffee Day mug when they arrived (pictured below) and could make their way around the auditorium meeting roasters and trying their coffee.

This year Handground joined the event and held the first ever hand grinding competition. Two contestants would go head to head by grinding as much coffee as they could in 30 seconds. After 30 seconds was up, the ground coffee was dumped onto a scale to record the weight.

The contestants weren't grinding just any coffee though. It was lightly roasted stale coffee that was over one year old! This made it extra hard to grind and after going full speed for 20 seconds your arms start to feel the burn.

Official Dallas Coffee Day mug and Handground brew magnet

A 30 second countdown timer was on the iPad between the contestants so they could see how much time was left.

The first contestants of the day

He did as his shirt says, Play to win!

Novel Coffee Roasters with a beautiful booth

The winner of each round wrote their name and score (coffee ground in grams) on an index card. The leaderboard held the top 5 competitors who would take home some Handground gear and first place won a Handground coffee grinder!

We have a new leader!

Danny from Oak Cliff Coffee, one of the Handground retail locations, said he had been practicing with their demo unit

After 30 seconds of serious exertion, the weigh in is a tense moment.

He did it!

Danny takes the lead

Great packaging by Cultivar Coffee

The grinding is on again

Handground being put to the stress test by 💪

Time for the pros to give it a go. Brandon and Ben face off.

If you'd like to learn more about Handground, check out the detail page.

Feeling the burn during the last few seconds!

At the end of the day Matthew took 1st place by grinding 19.2 grams in 30 seconds

Daniel, Ben and Brandon at the Handground booth

Over the course of the day we ground through over 5 pounds of coffee! It was a great stress test to have so many people put their full exertion into the grinders. We are proud to say that they survived the entire day and performed great!

Overall the event was a ton of fun and we plan to do something similar for SCAA 2017 in Seattle. So until then, keep grinding!