Handground Is Back In Stock

We've been out of stock for the last few months due to delays with manufacturing caused by COVID. The new shipment of grinders is finally here and is available for shipping!

When starting Handground we made it a goal to apply the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement to everything that we did. We still apply that philosophy today and with every production run we make improvements to the grinder to improve performance and durability.

In the latest version we added a stainless steel ball bearing to the gearbox and updated all the bushings that support the axles in the grinder. Click below to order now or keep reading to see all the updates.

Upgraded Gearbox With Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

The gearbox in Handground is what allows it to have it's unique side mounted handle compared to other manual grinders that have handles mounted directly on top. The ergonomics of the side mounted handle make grinding easier but the gearbox introduces engineering and manufacturing complexity.

Up until recently the bushing that supported the main steel axle in Handground's gearbox had been made from brass. Brass is a great material but the downside is that it requires significant lubrication. Over years of use we've seen the steel axle wear into this brass bushing, causing the gears to move apart and start skipping.

To solve this problem we upgraded the gearbox by switching to a stainless steel ball bearing. Since this is a ball-bearing it doesn't require lubrication and will not wear down over time. It also reduces friction which makes grinding a bit easier.

Bushings That Never Seize

In this iteration we also upgraded the remainder of the grinder's metal bushings with POM bushings (#1-5) which do not require lubrication. Whereas the metal bushings would have a tendency to seize up if not properly lubricated, the POM bushings are smooth and require no lubrication.

POM is a thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness and low friction which makes it the perfect bushing material for the Handground drive system. We first tested a POM bushing on the grind size stepper piece (#5) in 2018 and haven't had any reports of it failing since then.

Available to Order Now

Handground is now better performing and more durable than ever. We are back in stock and every grinder comes with a 1 year warranty in the unlikely event that there is a problem. Order now to get free shipping and start enjoying the flavor that comes from a better grind.