New Burr Mounting System

We spent the summer engineering a completely new burr mounting system. The goal was to design a system that would solve calibration issues due to variances in the ceramic manufacturing process while producing a consistent grind across the spectrum. 

During the design process we realized that it would be possible to remove the thumb nut completely by integrating metal threads into the new mounting insert. This led to a second improvement that we didn't expect.

Handground can now stand up vertically on the counter without the glass catcher attached! This is a more intuitive way to set the grinder down after removing the glass catcher and also saves the grinder from scratches when placed on its side or top (see image above!)

How it Works

The inner burr (1) sits on top of the mounting insert (2). The mounting insert has metal threads inside of it which the axle screws into (3). When the handle is turned, the force is transferred down the axle and into the mounting insert through the metal threads. 

The mounting insert has 6 ribs that fit into slots inside the new inner burr. As the mounting insert spins, the ribs evenly transfer the force to the inner burr. 

The mounting insert is designed to be 0.5mm smaller than the inner burr so that when you tighten the grinder all the way up to setting 1, the inner burr can shift into the perfect center of the outer burr. This solves the issues we saw with the original mounting system where some grinders would touch unevenly on the finest settings.

The new mounting system also performs great on coarse settings and we no longer see the problem of unusable grind sizes in the 6-8 range. When beans enter the burr mill they force the inner burr down onto the flat, stable edge of the insert. 

Easy to Remove Inner Burr

The inner burr is now super easy to remove. Just press down on the inner burr with your left hand as shown in the photo above and then turn the handle counter clockwise. 

The axle will unscrew from the insert and then you can remove the inner burr. We've updated the maintenance section of the website to show the new cleaning process step by step.

Upgrade Kits Now Available

If you have a Handground with the original burr mounting system you can easily upgrade to the new system. We have upgrade kits available which include a new axle, inner burr, outer burr, mounting insert and required tools for $19.99 with free shipping at this link: Handground Burr Mounting Upgrade Kit

There is also a video guide that will walk you through the installation process here: Burr Upgrade Installation Video

Official 1 Year Warranty

Since shipping the first Handground we have always taken care of problems by sending replacements to customers free of charge. Today we are making that policy official by publishing an exceptional one year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects that cause a grinder to stop working throughout the warranty term.

Container Of Grinders With New Burr Mounting System Has Arrived

Two days ago a shipping container full of the newly updated Handground's arrived in Oakland and it is on the way to a fulfillment center in Sacramento right now. 

These grinders have the new burr mounting system already installed along with all the other updates like Tritan hoppers that we have made over the last year.

Black Friday Deals Coming!

Black Friday is a very special day since it is the first day that Handground officially launched into the market after Kickstarter. We have some surprises planned so be sure to keep an eye out for that email if you are interested in picking a Handground up for the holidays! 

Thanks for your support,

Daniel & Brandon