Putting Handground Through the Grinder

We're proud to say that the latest prototype has successfully ground through over 3 years worth of coffee and counting! We've put every type of bean that we could find through Handground, from light roasted Ethiopian beans to dark roasted Costa Ricans.

If anyone can suggest a roaster that has really hard, light roasted beans, please send their information our way, or if you are a roaster and have stale beans you are trying to get rid of, send them to us!

picture of grinds for each of the 15 settings on Handground
picture of grinds for each of the 15 settings on Handground

Grind Results and Particle Sizes

We have tested many different burr designs to find the optimal configuration for a consistent grind and a low starting torque so that it is not too difficult to grind light roasts on a fine setting. We are extremely happy with the most recent results and plan to have a laser particle analysis conducted in the coming weeks. We will post the results when they are in!

The coffee featured above is a lightly roasted Guatemalan from Onyx Coffee Lab in Arkansas. Onyx is home to Andrea Allen who was on the cover of the Aug-Sept issue of the Barista Magazine (she's the one pouring a Chemex while sitting on the back of a horse)!

screenshot of Handground article in Barista Magazine

Handground is also in that issue of Barista Magazine. We wrote about the coffee shops we explored in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand and about our trip to Doi Chaang Coffee Farm. Click Here to read the full story

Graphic of Dallas, TX

Handground Headquarters Moves to Dallas, TX

Handground is now officially in Dallas, Texas. We arrived in our new home last week and are looking forward to exploring the coffee scene here in Dallas. If anyone is in the area and wants to grab a cup of coffee or check out the prototype in person feel free to reach out! We're always looking for good coffee shop suggestions and a guinea pig to put more coffee through Handground.