We did it team! 

After 18 months of hard work, Handground is aboard a ship headed for the US! 

We are so grateful for the assembly team's dedication to quality and believing in our quest to build a coffee grinder like no other. During the last week of assembly we faced power outages, the road in front of the factory being removed for construction and a flood on the day the container was scheduled to pick up the shipment. 

Fortunately, we were able to overcome all these problems. On the day with no electricity, the assembly workers on the Handground line were the only ones who came into the factory and we worked with no A/C or electric tools. With the flood on delivery day, we had to use a small truck to move the pallets to a dry location further up the road so that they could be loaded onto the big container. 

Handground was loaded into the container on the night of September 29th and left for port. Unfortunately the congestion at port caused the container to miss the original ship that was scheduled to leave on October 4th. The next available ship left on October 10th and we it made onto that one.

Handground is sailing aboard the Ever Lively, shown in the picture above. It is traveling at 17.1 knots off the coast of Japan. It will arrive in Oakland, by San Francisco on October 29th. If you want to follow Handground's journey across the Pacific in real time, here's the link!

Production Begins Again After China National Day 

Everyone at the factory is back from the week long break from October 1-7th for China National Day and production is underway to finish the orders that will be shipped to international backers. The factory estimates that it should be done by November. The detailed shipping plans for international orders are below.

Delivery Estimates By Country

U.S. - Will arrive in San Francisco October 29th, go through customs, be transported to fulfillment center and shipped to you. Deliveries estimated the week of Nov. 14th.

International - For all countries outside the U.S. we have tried to optimize the shipping method to delivery to you as efficiently as possible.

Countries being fulfilled by local coffee equipment distributor: 

Australia - Bombora Coffee 

Canada - Eight Ounce Coffee 

Taiwan - Two Third Corporation

Philippines - Henry and Sons 

Indonesia - Otten Coffee

U.K. - Coffee Hit

Malaysia - 131 Coffee Outlet

Europe (specific countries listed below) - Coffeedesk 

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, and Turkey

Countries listed above - Estimated delivery in December / January

If you are in one of the countries above your order will be delivered by the coffee equipment distributor named next to your country. Each distributor will make their own shipping arrangements independently so we do not have exact time estimates for each region. We will keep you updated as shipments make it into your country and notify you before they go out for delivery with a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for the package. 

All other countries - Estimated delivery in December

If you are not in the U.S. or one of the countries listed above, your order will be shipped directly to you from China. 

Once production is finished we will send the grinders to a 3rd party logistics partner that we've worked with before. You will be emailed the tracking number when the grinder ships and it should take 15-25 days to arrive to you. If your country has any tariffs, taxes or fees you will be responsible for paying them. 

Copper Grinders Catching The Next Boat

The copper grinders were not finished in time to make it on the first container so they will be on their way with a second smaller shipment headed to the U.S. the week of October 24th. This shipment should arrive in the U.S. the week of November 21st and be out for deliveries the week of December 5th. 

Emails Will Be Sent Out to Confirm Your Delivery Address

It has been over one year since we sent out the delivery address survey on Kickstarter so we are going to ask you to confirm your delivery address before shipping your grinder. We will email you the current address we have on file and if it is correct you can just click confirm. If it is not correct you will be able to update it to a new address.

It is very important that you confirm your address so please keep a lookout for the email next week. We will only ship out orders to customers who have confirmed or updated their address.

Thank you for all the support throughout this journey. We can't wait for Handground to become a part of your daily grind!

Daniel & Brandon